You need a bike?


we have diferents types of bike for rent with our parteners.





Meta V4.2 AM

The Commençal Meta AM 4.2  27.5 wheel-size 170mm Enduro/All-mountain bike that has become one of the top raced bikes on the global Enduro circuit.

Available in: S, M, L


Price :63€ 1/2 day

           75€ full day


Meta AM V3 Essential 650B

The META AM V3 built its reputation on true values."Reliable, unbreakable, and versatile" argue our pilots. In action, they say "stable, fast, playful", it make you feel directly confident.

Available in:  M, L, XL


Price :50€ 1/2 day

           59€ full day



This allows us to show that ebikes, or more precisely, pedal assisted bikes are simply fun and pretty entertaining for all. No matter where; whether on the climbs, out of turns or even in between downhill runs!

Available in:  M, L, XL


Price :85€ 1/2 day

           99€ full day